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The Premium Stain Matte Stains

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Product details of The Premium Stain - Matte Stains

long lasting, highly pigmented, transfer proof, safe to use, used natural ingredients only, blendable, can be used as lip and cheek tint and in eyelids too

Use as (Eyeshadow, Blush-on, and Liptint)

Why choose The Premium Stain Matte Stains?

- It is oil-based, so the application is smooth and easy.

- It has a unique formula compared to the usual water/gel-based tints.

- It is very pigmented so a little goes a long way.

- It will not dry your lips. However, if your lips are originally dry, the color will cling to textured areas and end up looking patchy.


- 10ml oil-based stains

- no lead content

- doesn’t dry lips

- super pigmented

- long lasting

- vitamin e enriched

- safe for pregnant women / kid friendly

- made from all natural and food-grade ingredients

- contains argan, jojoba, sunflower, & grapeseed oil