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RyxSkincerity Sunshield

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Ryx Skincerity Sunshield SPF60 in 20ml

Sunscreen with a water-based gel texture. It is highly spreadable. It sinks in beautifully. It's thin, easily absorbed and leaves ZERO white cast. It leaves a dewy-matte radiant finish and wears lovely under makeup. Very moisturizing and it'll leave your skin very soft and supple. 

Ryx Sunshield is a broad-spectrum SPF. Protektado ka sa UVA (these cause you to burn)and UVB (these cause aging) 

Suitable for all skin types and fit for any complexions. 

Wear SUNSHIELD even on cloudy and rainy days. Even low levels of sun exposure add up a lifetime and contribute to development of skin cancer and premature aging.