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Mini Wet Pouch

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For Washable Menstrual / Feminine Pads (Cloth Pads) with removable inserts

    Comes in 3 different lengths and sizes, Regular Pad, Heavy Pad and Overnight Pad. It has wings with durable snaps to be attach around the base of the underwear to secure it from falling.

    Our Eco Fempads has 3 layers of fabrics with overlapping opening on top that allows the soaker (insert) to be remove and to put back in. The removable inserts makes the Eco Fempads flexible to use for different types of flows. You can use 1-3 inserts depending on how light or heavy the flow is, or how thick or thin you want the pads to be. Plus the great thing with these removable inserts is you can wash all parts of the Fempad inside and out! So no more worries for those unseen strains and dirts stocked inside! 

How to Use?

    Place the fempad on the base of your underwear. The opening part for inserts must be positioned below the wings. Then simply fasten the snaps around the base of your underwear.

*You may have to change the pad every, 4-5 hours for heavy flows (usually 1st and 2nd day of period) and 6-8 hours for normal flows.

Care instructions:


  • Wash all the pads before initial use as it might accumulated dust and dirt.
  • After use, rinse the pads/liners in water with plain detergent (no fabric conditioner) or baking soda and vinegar for several hours to a day to remove blood staining.
  • Hand wash or machine wash in cold or normal water.
  • Tumble dry low or hang dry, preferably with sunlight.




  • Never wash your pads/liners with blood stain in hot water.
  • Avoid using bleach and fabric conditioner. Bleach an shorten the life of the pads while fabric conditioner will affect the absorbency of the fabrics.
  • Sunlight helps act as a mild sanitizer in drying.
  • Always carry a storage pouch for extra and used pads/liners (preferably waterproof to protect your bag) when out.