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Mamonde Floral Hydro Special Kit

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Mamonde Floral Hydro Special Trial Kit

1) Floral Hydro Cream (15ml)

A gel cream with a refreshing texture that captures and provides long-lasting moisture.

2) Floral Hydro Eye Gel Cream (5ml)

A refreshing watery eye gel infused with Narcissus Flower Extract and Hyaluronic Acid to deeply hydrate and soothe the delicate eye area. Water-Cycle™ Technology rapidly and intensely replenishes moisture and seals it in to prevent water loss.


  • Step 1: A fast-penetrating texture for instant moisture replenishment.
  • Step 2: Thorough moisturization.
  • Step 3: Moisture locking to capture moisture on the surface of skin. 


1. 90% or higher moisturizing formula : The moisture-enriched gel moisturizes and soothes the dry eye area.

2. As a moisturizing gel eye patch : Covers the skin with a thin moisturizing barrier for powerful moisture coating over the eye area as if you have used a moisturizing gel eye patch.

How to use

• Dispense an appropriate amount onto hand before cream every morning and evening and smooth over the eye area for penetration.

3) Floral Hydro Ampoule Toner (15ml)

A hydrating ampoule toner features an ampoule texture and abundant hydration that recharges dry skin.


  •  Step 1: A fast-penetrating texture for instant moisture replenishment.
  •  Step 2: Thorough moisturization.
  •  Step 3: Moisture locking to capture moisture on the surface of skin.


1. Ampoule Texture Technology The transforming texture

that instantly transforms from an ampoule into a toner.

2. Moisture of ampoule + penetration of toner Simply apply the toner

to experience the care of ampoules.

3. Low-molecular hyaluronic acid Deeply replenishes the skin

with low-molecular hyaluronic acids with small particles.[How to use]Pump an appropriate amount after washing face every morning

and evening and smooth along the texture of skin.

4) Floral Hydro Emulsion (25ml)

A moisturizing balancing emulsion that instantly moisturizes dry skin with moisture-enriched texture and instant penetration.


  • Step 1: Quickly absorb moisture with fast absorbing texture
  • Step 2: Transfer moisture without gaps in the
  •  Step 3: Moisture lock 


- Dual moisturizing: Dual moisturizing effect as a moisturizing and water-soluble moisturizing ingredients

-Low molecular weight hyaluronic acid: Low molecular weight hyaluronic acid with small particle size, deeply filling the skin without moisture

- 4 FREE: Animal raw materials, mineral oil, synthetic coloring matter, imidazolidinyl urea

How To Use?

- In the morning and evening lotion application phase, pumped in an appropriate amount and spread gently according to the texture of the skin.