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Product details of Whitening Milk+Collagen Anti-Ageing Whitening BB Cream 40g SPF 35 (Ashley Shine)

Enriched with abundant milk nourishing ingredients, matching with aloe moisturizing essence, with delicate texture, tenderly care for the skin.

Effectively protect the skin against UVA/UVB damage, with double isolation from the ultraviolet ray, natural cover or facial defecta.

Improves dull and uneven skin tone, so as to create exquisite nude makeup-like, natural and transparent skin state.

Not only gives you a younger looking skin outside but also gives you an anti-aging effect from the inside.

Rich in milk extract that helps skin whitens and moisturizes.

Has SPF 35 for sun protection.

No harmful chemicals, the product is good for the skin.

Easy to use and very light on skin.